“One of the most well-organized and rewarding professional development courses I’ve taken."

“Kathy MacMillan was an outstanding teacher, and I would highly recommend this class to my colleagues.”

"The instructor was a gem in the way that she provided comprehensive answers to questions, feedback, tips and resources.”

- Past students

a white women with glasses and short brown hair leans off the back of a train caboose, signing I-LOVE-YOU in American Sign Language. She is wear a conductor's hat and overalls.

About the Instructor

Kathy MacMillan (she/her) is a writer, nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter, librarian, and signing storyteller. She writes picture books (the Little Hands Signing series and The Runaway Shirt, Familius Press), children’s nonfiction (She Spoke: 14 Women Who Raised Their Voices and Changed the World, Familius Press), and young adult fantasy (Sword and Verse and Dagger and Coin, both HarperTeen). She has also published many resource books for educators, librarians, and parents. Kathy serves as the Mentorship Program Coordinator for the Maryland/Delaware/West Virginia Region of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She serves on the boards of Deaf Camps, Inc. and the Waldorf School of Baltimore. Find her online at www.kathymacmillan.com and storiesbyhand.com.